REAL at Christ Church

“Let us not give up the habit of meeting together, as some are doing. Instead, let us encourage one another all the more” – Hebrews 10:25

This advice that was given to Jewish Christians in the early Church is so relevant to us today. It would be so easy to slip out of the habit spending time with each other, but God built us for community. So even if we can’t actually be with each other physically, we want to create safe spaces for our REAL family to keep connecting with each other through technology. If you have any questions or need any help please email




This Sunday morning at 1030 am we’ll be heading onto the popular group meeting app ‘Zoom’. We’ll open the bible together, play some games, maybe even worship. Meeting this way will enable us to keep community and speak to each other. 

Please email for login details.

Where: Zoom (email for details) — When: 1030 




REAL Tuesday will be meeting as normal, well, sort of. We’ll be running our full Tuesday night programme live over Instagram. Adam will be leading worship, Meg and Jake have another great challenge for us all, you can share your news, and we’ll have a talk from a guest or one of our team. To join us download Instagram and follow “real.cccw”.

We know many parents wisely limit their children’s social media use so they don’t have access to Instagram. So we are encouraging parents to set up their own account that children can use just for the live streams. Instagram is available on your phone in the “PlayStore” or the “App Store”.

Where: real.cccw (Instagram) — When: 6:30 – 7:30 (Live)

We are very much experimenting at the moment to see what what works and what doesn’t. We’ll let you know of any changes we make.

Please don’t be shy to reach out to us if you are need. Our email is


REAL is a ministry of Christ Church Chorleywood for anyone aged 10 - 14. We believe that Jesus is more than just a character in an ancient book. We believe that he is real, that he loves us, and he wants to give us life in all it's fullness. Real is there to give God space to show young people he is real and that he loves them.  



Who: Year 6

When: Monday Evenings

4:30 – 5:45pm

Going Deeper fits within our family at REAL as a great link between the children’s ministry and REAL. Its a great community that is safe, open, inclusive, and centred in Jesus. We love that Going Deeper is somewhere you can just be yourself and know you’ll be accepted. We’d love you to join us! We start each session by eating dinner together, so if you’re first time let us know any dietary requirements before you come by emailing:


Who: Year 7 – 9

When: Tuesday Evenings

6:30 – 8:30pm


REAL is about giving God space to show young people he is real and that he loves them. We worship together, learn from the bible, pray for each other, as well as leaving loads of time to socialise. REAL Tuesday is a really easy place to meet new people and join a supportive community. To see more about whats important to us, have a look at our values at the bottom of the page.


Who: Year 6 – 9

When: Sunday Mornings

10:30 – 11:45pm


REAL Life meet every Sunday morning in Christ Church school next door to the church. We want to learn what how to live a real life – a life lived with God. We have great community on Sunday mornings and we’d love you to join us.


The REAL Leadership course is an opportunity to commit time to God, asking him to grow you as a disciple and as a leader who ‘gives God space in your life’.


REAL Leadership is a 5-month course, starting in February and finishing in the June.

Leadership mornings: We run 5 training mornings over the 5 months, teaching some foundational skills and habits to help young leaders grow in leadership as well as strengthening their relationship with God.

Discipleship through community: Over the 5 months they will be supporting each other in spending time with God every day as they work through a reading plan taking them through the entire New Testament.

Practical Leadership: Young leaders sign on to one of our teams, or the teams of one of our ministry partners, to get an opportunity to practice and receive regular feedback on their development from our trusted supervisors.

Mentoring: Each attendee will also receive a mentor, to work with them on a one to one level, offering advice and support.